I-70 Closed When Oil Tanker Spills Fuel After Crash | Colorado Trucking Accident Attorney

According to The Gazette, Interstate 70 was shut down due to a rollover accident of an oil tanker. The accident occurred along I-70 near Eagle on Thursday. An impact with an SUV caused the tanker to turn over onto its side and spill diesel fuel. I-70 was closed in both directions while crews worked to clean the 7,200 gallons of spilled fuel. Most of the spill was contained on a median but some was cleaned off of the highway as well. Although the highway has been reopened since the accident, environmental crews will continue to extract contaminated soil from the median. This process will cause the closure of one lane in both directions throughout the weekend. Even though this was a very dangerous situation, no injuries were reported as a result of the crash.

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Large semi-trucks heavily populate all Colorado highways and therefore it is extremely important to know how to properly drive along side the large trucks in order to keep the road safe. Remember that large trucks have limited visibility so be aware of their blind spots. Be patient with their slower speeds and always allow for plenty of space between you and the truck.

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